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BenDec Lighting

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Our Story
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Our Story

BenDec Lighting was born from a passion for perfection - for finding the ideal way to light a space using items that have lived a past life, and now have a new life to live. Whether that's a musical instrument, a heritage item or even a piece of turf saved from the bogs of Ireland, each BenDec lamp has been carefully considered, lovingly re-worked, and expertly repurposed.

Form and function working hand in hand to craft something new from old.

Located in Moyne, a unique spot near the border of counties Longford, Leitrim and Cavan, this family-run business has heritage and provenance at its heart. This unspoilt, rural area is the backdrop and inspiration for a brand that brings heritage items to life, by finding that perfect balance. Always respecting the original item, while transforming it and giving it a new purpose and function.

The result is a range of unique lights that light up a room and define a space- setting the mood, sparking conversation, and evoking emotion. Every light, a testament to the enduring spirit of creativity and reinvention.

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Illumination, decoration, conversation - whether they are on or off, they make an impact. As a qualified and experienced electrician, Declan's skill and insight ensure that he creates the perfect light for any given location or purpose. He can turn a cherished item into a statement piece that not only captures the imagination but functions to perfection. This mix of skill and inspiration is what elevates a Bendec light.
Lights that skillfully brings old items to new life - and brings cherished memories to the fore.

Featured Products

Featured Products

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Creative Tap Light

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Original Golf fairway wood lamp

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Trumpet lamp


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I am absolutely delighted with my purchase from Bendec lighting. The lamp's unique character and great quality immediately captured my attention. It is a thing of
considerable beauty, finely made and yet, is both practical and sturdy. The juxtaposition of materials used - black Irish bog peat and a fantastically twisted Edison bulb has led to a construct of a one-off piece, which is both eye-catching and very much a conversation starter. In a store which boasted a number of high end lamps, it and its Bendec fellows (off equally eye catching design) stood apart and demanded attention. It was also reasonably priced and will remain an example of very unique Irish craftsmanship for many years to come. I am delighted with it and fully intend to purchase another from Bendec, whose aftersale support and affable approach to their customer base is lovely and very welcomed.
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Moyne, County Longford, 

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