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Bespoke Lighting


Welcome to BenDec Lighting, a bespoke lamp website featuring stunning and one-of-a-kind pieces. Our family-run business is located in County Longford, where we craft beautiful lights using a combination of old, new, reclaimed, and recycled materials.

Our business was founded in 2019 by Ben O'Connor and his father, Declan, who is a highly experienced electrician with over 25 years of industry knowledge. With their combined skills, our team brings a unique blend of youth, age, and experience to every lamp we create.

The inspiration behind our business stems from Declan's passion for lighting design and his ability to repurpose quality items in innovative ways. Each of our lamps is carefully handcrafted using only the best materials to ensure that they are both visually stunning and of the highest quality. So whether you're looking to add a touch of elegance to your home or create a statement piece in your office, our bespoke lamps are sure to impress.



Upload the custom images that you want to be included in the design of your bespoke lamp. These images could be anything that you want to be incorporated into the lamp, such as family photos, company logos, or personal artwork.


Provide any specific details or instructions that you want to be taken into account during the lamp design process. This could include the size and shape of the lamp, the materials to be used, and any other relevant information that you think might be useful for the designer.


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Tel: +353872587200

County Longford, 

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